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Telegram News
21:37 PM - 17 August 2016

Telegram News
21:36 PM - 17 August 2016

Hello Friends,
besides 🤖 #BotOfTheWeek, this channel will send another weekly message from now on:

#PollOfTheWeek - one poll every week about Telegram's features, usecases and other things that might be interesting to all of us.
In every ✅ #PollOfTheWeek published in this channel you can find a link to the next weeks poll in the caption (as you can see in the following message).
The same method will be used for 🤖 #BotOfTheWeek, if you want to vote for a bot for the following week, you'll find the link in the message.

All polls will be open for one week, and close on:
#PollOfTheWeek: Wednesday
🤖 #BotOfTheWeek: Sunday

Telegram News
10:58 AM - 15 August 2016

Telegram, WhatsApp etc. may be more heavily regulated in the EU

Messengers as WhatsApp and Telegram often act as a replacement for traditional voice and SMS services, but the online giants and the old-school telecoms operators don’t currently have to play by the same rules in Europe.

The rules will likely change how these messengers deal with requests for information from security agencies or how they can make money from their customer’s data.

Our opinion: These rules might be easy to push through against companies like Facebook that make lots of money in the EU, but very hard against messengers that aren't based in the EU.

Telegram News
08:59 AM - 15 August 2016

Telegram News
08:37 AM - 15 August 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 33

This weeks winner is: @parkmebot

ParkMe Bot is an open source bot that is very useful for bot developers. It sets a webhook to a script which tells the innocent user who sends /start or any other message to your bot (trying to use your bot) that the bot is currently under development.

Telegram News
18:30 PM - 14 August 2016

Telegram News
20:25 PM - 08 August 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 32

This weeks winner is: @tlgurbot

Send a photo, audio or any file to @tlgurbot, and it replies with a public link to that file to share it outside Telegram - for example in other inferior messaging apps 😉

You want your favourite bot to be #BotOfTheWeek? Tell us about it @newschat (read the rules in the pinned message over there first) 😊

Telegram News
21:22 PM - 03 August 2016

You might have seen it already: Telegram 3.11 is released!

New features:
- Trending stickers
- Archived stickers
- Group previews
- Personal storage
- New improved camera interface (Android 4.1+)
- Preview bot content before sending (Android 4.1+)
- Download large media and files 2-4x times faster

Read more in the official blog here:

We'll be back in about a month (hopefully) with more 😉

Telegram News
22:11 PM - 02 August 2016

Some media reported on a “massive” hacker attack on Telegram in Iran.
These headlines are clickbait, here is what really happened:

Telegram News
20:35 PM - 01 August 2016

Telegram News
14:13 PM - 01 August 2016

WhatsApp and Myth Behind its Encrypted Chats

WhatsApp recently introduced end-to-end encryption for users worldwide and if you recently updated WhatsApp on your device you may have noticed an alert stating “messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.” Sound secure right? But there is a problem.
Whenever you delete an individual or group chat from your WhatsApp window it does disappear immediately but what you don’t know is that although the chat is supposedly gone from your window it still exists on your smartphone and WhatsApp never deletes them permanently.

Telegram News
11:47 AM - 29 July 2016

Telegram News
11:29 AM - 29 July 2016

(@AIPrismaBot sends a few messages to you once you start it to show you all the filters. If it doesn't work right now, you should just wait a while, it's because too many new users are starting it at the same time - Sorry 😊)

Telegram News
11:25 AM - 29 July 2016

Telegram News
11:24 AM - 29 July 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 31

This weeks winner is: @AIPrismaBot

Prisma is an app that got pretty popular during the last weeks. Now there is a bot for Telegram with the basic functionalities, developed by the app developers!

Prisma transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art pieces - It's not just a instagram-filter, it's an AI that analyzes the pictures first!

(Might be a little bit slow sometimes, but works great most of the time).

Telegram News
11:54 AM - 28 July 2016

There is a new multi-messenger similar to Franz called All-in-One that allows you to use Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts and many more in one app.

The main difference to Franz is: It is a Chrome app and it's size is only about 1MB (compared to Franz' 50MB).
It basically combines all the web interfaces of the different messengers in one app - especially if you already use Telegram Web it might be worth a try.

More information here:

Telegram News
00:02 AM - 28 July 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 30

Sorry guys, I forgot to post this weeks winner on the channel 🙈

There are two winners, they are: @scloud_bot and @TwelveMilesBot

1⃣ SoundCloud Bot (@scloud_bot) can search and download tracks from SoundCloud using a link, text or SoundCloud username - it also allows to search inline. It adds ID3v2 tags and artwork to tracks.

2⃣ 12MilesBot (@TwelveMilesBot) lets you set up a location and communicate with other users who are pinned within 12 miles of you.

Give them a try, they are both awesome bots!

Telegram News
18:48 PM - 19 July 2016

Telegram News
17:37 PM - 19 July 2016

Update: Ban lifted again, old message:

BREAKING: WhatsApp blocked in Brazil

A Brazilian judge ordered wireless phone carriers to block access to Facebook's WhatsApp INDEFINITELY, starting on Tuesday, the third such incident against the popular phone messaging app in eight months.

While this might seem good for Telegram because many people from Brazil will switch to Telegram, it's bad in the long term, because Telegram could also be blocked in Brazil anyday - that's why Telegram is working on a P2P solution (

Read more:

Telegram News
15:37 PM - 19 July 2016

Telegram News
13:29 PM - 18 July 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 29

This weeks winner is: @TheFeedReaderBot

The Feed Reader Bot monitors websites and blogs (using RSS feeds), public Facebook pages, Youtube channels, Instagram and Twitter accounts and sends messages when new posts are made.
The bot works also in Telegram groups and channels.
You can import your existing RSS subscriptions using OPML files.

You want your favourite bot to be #BotOfTheWeek? Tell us about it @newschat (read the pinned message there first) 😊

Telegram News
10:14 AM - 11 July 2016

Telegram News
20:58 PM - 09 July 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 28

This weeks winner is: @qwasapbot

Qwasap allows you to talk to other users near you. You can set your location by sending it (via 📎) or by writing it. So you can talk to people near you - or, if you for example plan to travel to a place, you can talk with people living there.
Make sure to read the help and helpcommands, this bot might take a few minutes to understand it and all it's functionalities, but once you are used to them it is really great.
You can also write private messages to other users.

Telegram News
17:23 PM - 05 July 2016

You might want to share that with your friends on WhatsApp 😉

Telegram News
17:20 PM - 05 July 2016

Telegram review: Chat without cost or risk

Final verdict:
Telegram is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp that you should try immediately. The messenger is full of ideas that are missing from other messaging clients. It also provides the perfect compromise between security and availability. Thanks to stickers, bots and many hidden features, new users will quickly find Telegram to be surprisingly fun, and therefore likely to stick by it.

And best of all: thanks to the free-to-use and open source culture, even from a political perspective, Telegram is better positioned than most other chat clients.

Telegram News
00:13 AM - 03 July 2016

The conflict between Brazil and WhatsApp continues

Brazil freezes $6 million of Facebook funds as WhatsApp refuses to assist police.
In my opinion WhatsApp does the only right thing - not releasing any data of their users, this is what I'd expect Telegram to do too.

Telegram News
07:53 AM - 02 July 2016

Telegram News
16:27 PM - 27 June 2016

🤖 #BotOfTheWeek CW 26

This weeks winner is: @instantsoundbot

This bot allows you to search inline for sounds (-effects) and send the chosen sound instantly. Over 450 sounds, matching every situation!
It can also be used as a regular bot (not inline).

You want your favourite bot to be #BotOfTheWeek? Tell us about it @newschat (read the pinned message there first) 😊

Telegram News
19:25 PM - 23 June 2016

WhatsApp claims there are 100 million voice calls via WhatsApp every day.

That's way more than I expected - but there is no information about what percentage of those calls happen by accident and last for less than one second (100% of my WhatsApp voice calls do) 😉
If there are 100 million "real" calls every day, Telegram should think about implementing this functionality too.

Telegram News
08:35 AM - 22 June 2016

With it's latest update, Plus Messenger introduced bottom tabs. As much as I love Telegram's keep it simple approach, those tabs are really helpful for us users that joined some channels and use some bots and they are easy to reach, they are right where your thumb is.
They should be implemented in the official app - maybe in a way that doesn't confuse new users, for example by only showing a tab after at least five chats in that category.