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13:36 PM - 26 January 2017

Rules are constantly changing in Mafia world 😎 After all these bloody wars 💂 Mercenaries asked for Insurance. So, please make _sure_ you have enough cash to maintain Insurance costs that will be credited from your bank account every day and considered when you collecting profit starting from 1th Feb 2017. Some good news though: 💂 Mercenaries became a little bit cheaper.

Mafia Gangs News
14:54 PM - 25 January 2017

💂 Mercenaries now use Defence of weapons assigned to them to protect themselves in fights. So if you do more damage to oppenent and use weapons with good protection values your 💂 Mercenaries would be saved.

Mafia Gangs News
16:57 PM - 06 January 2017

Update delivered! Important improvements:

🔹 Train your Gangsters to improve their 🔥 Power and ❤️ Health
🔹 Gangsters 🔥 Power multiplies weapons Damage and Defence
🔹 No more time limit for 💂 Mercenaries - rent them forever...
🔹 ...or until they are not killed
🔹 Gangsters ❤️ Health defines the cost of 💊 curing your gang
🔹 Mercs price rised, but... you rent them forever now, yeah?

All mercs rented at the moment of updade will stay with your Gang.

Hope you enjoy Mafia Gangs 😎 weekend @mafiagangsbot

Mafia Gangs News
15:22 PM - 04 January 2017

Mafia Gangs News
14:44 PM - 04 January 2017

Due to upcoming upgrade gangs are not allowed to rent 💂 Mercenaries for a longer periods - only one day or an hour options available at the moment.

Mafia Gangs News
14:09 PM - 26 December 2016

Mafia Gangs News
13:13 PM - 04 December 2016

Mafia Gangs News
10:05 AM - 01 December 2016

With introduction of stock market Mafia Gangs becomes a tough 🕶 business game for high-leveled players. There always was a real risk to loose it all. Please don't be afraid of it and play hard!

To protect bankrupted Gangs we are saving number of 👨 Gangsters for your new account after /restart and giving you a solid Cash bonus to start with some privileges.

Mafia Gangs News
15:45 PM - 29 November 2016

Mafia Gangs News
13:01 PM - 27 November 2016

Mafia Gangs News
17:08 PM - 25 November 2016

That was realy hard Dark Black Friday. Due to server halts taken place today we decided to prolong +50% Bonus 💎 for 2 more days up to 27th November 2016 (GMT+3). Please excuse us for inconvenience. Wish you a nice @mafiagangsbot weekend!

Mafia Gangs News
17:15 PM - 24 November 2016

Mafia Gangs News
14:21 PM - 10 November 2016

Profit collection bug 😱 is fixed! Please be informed that there are significant changes in Mercenaries pricing and power koef. Now you can use k, M, B, T and Q in batch buy, sell or rent commands to multiply numbers - for example, sending M or 1M for bot is equal to 1000000 - send /help_num @mafiagangsbot for more info.

Mafia Gangs News
11:49 AM - 08 November 2016

Some important updates 🕶 in Mafia Gangs Game today:

▫️ Invest in Private Island estates to save your money from gang attacks (best buy/sell price ratio, no income, no VIP)
▫️ VIP status can be obtained only using Gems (as our players asked)
▫️ Abu Dhabi available for everyone gained 350th level
▫️ Reduced sell price for Limos (sorry, we have to do that)
▫️ Now you can revoke your gang code if you dont want others who saved it to attack you any more

Keep tuned for more updates @mafiagangsbot

Mafia Gangs News
08:31 AM - 08 November 2016

Mafia Gangs News
16:31 PM - 31 October 2016

Mafia Gangs 🚀 Nuclear Weekend special event finished! 6.2 Tril of nuclear weapons used during these days. Please congratulate the winners:

1. ElFarid
2. MO1_1MDB
3. SwEeTsOXiCaTeD
4. PenghiburJalanan
6. Blossom_ID
7. Mukidi_ID
8. Semekcomey912
9. Demiurge
10. dO_Ob

Top 5 nuclear mafia gangs received 100 💎 Gems as a reward. No upkeep on Atomic Bombs till the end of 1th November GMT+4 time.

Mafia Gangs News
16:11 PM - 28 October 2016

Top 5 Gangs with maximum amount of 🚀 Atomic Bobms on the end of 31th October will receive 100 💎 Gems as a reward for wining in "Nuclear Weekend" Special event in @mafiagangsbot

Mafia Gangs News
12:16 PM - 26 October 2016

Mafia Gangs News
11:17 AM - 25 October 2016

Please help us finish Mafia Gangs translation. We have added Arabic, Persian, Italian, and Uzbek languages and all updated strings to our open translation project:

Mafia Gangs News
16:59 PM - 24 October 2016

Please note that power values for Superyacht and Atomic Bomb are changed as well as their upkeep and price! 🕶 You can sell them for the price you have bought without a loss (for limited time). There is also a temporary limit for EXP in battles (2.1B) as we are tuning up some balance.

Mafia Gangs News
22:26 PM - 22 October 2016

One of the new features is 👑 VIP status that gives you a number of privileges for your Gang. To obtain it you need to buy any estate on a Private Island. Every gang that already bought estates on a Private Island before the update was given with VIP status for a DOUBLE time worth the value of that estate.

Mafia Gangs News
20:54 PM - 22 October 2016

Finally we've done it! 👌 Most impressive Mafia Gangs Update ever! Just check the bot speed. We have done a lot of work to make it answer your messages like a flash. ⚡️ Please report #bugs so we can reward you with some 💎 any help would be appreciated! Wish you luck at new @mafiagangsbot

Mafia Gangs News
19:37 PM - 20 October 2016

Unfortunately our today's attempt to update the game failed. We have suffered number of problems that can not be solved fast. It will take some time to fix and return the update. Game current status is returned as it was before update for all accounts. Please excuse us for inconvenience.

Mafia Gangs News
10:06 AM - 20 October 2016

Dear Mafia Gangs Community! We are working hard 😳 to introduce a new game update this week that will include number of important changes and gameplay enhancements. We also have a new hardware delivered to improve performance. Please give us a couple of days to finish it properly and sorry for any possible inconviniences during software update. We really appreciate your support!

Mafia Gangs News
16:18 PM - 03 August 2016

Important news! Rent Mercenaries with 💎 for days and weeks for a lower prices! No more multiplier for travel ✈️ tickets with your number of gangs! Thanks to your donations we have improved servers capabilities. Thanks for playing @mafiagangbot

Mafia Gangs News
14:58 PM - 31 July 2016

Dear Mafia Gangs! We had some problems on our servers today for about an hour 😱 Everything is fixed now, we are working hard on eliminating the reason. In order to work faster or in case of any other halts please use alternative bot username @mafiagangbot (the same just without "s" after gang). Thank you much for your support!

Mafia Gangs News
17:15 PM - 11 July 2016

Now you can use 💎 Gems to force profit collection even if that is not ready yet! Multiply you results mafia-style! And yes, finally you can reset you gang if you wish to start from all over again - just send /restart command to bot. ❕Please be informed that you will loose all the cash, gangsters, EXP, diamonds and levels - all game process would be erased and that can not be undone!

Mafia Gangs News
18:37 PM - 08 July 2016

Dear Mafia Gangs! Game development team also have some upkeep in order to keep game running fast and stable as it become more popular. Please support game development and /donate for @mafiagangsbot to receive 💎 Gems as a gift. You can use 💎 Gems to restore Health, Stamina and Energy and rent Mercenaries. ❗️This game will never be pay-to-win. Sorry, buy you can not buy gangsters. Ever. Wish you a nice Mafia weekend!

Mafia Gangs News
20:06 PM - 04 July 2016

Thanks to support of great Mafiga Gangs community game is now translated to 4 new languages - Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Español and Deutsch! Please use /language command inside @mafiagangsbot to switch it. If you find some mistakes please report /feedback or correct it directly on Poeditor translation project. Thanks a lot for all project Contributors - we really appreciate your help!

Mafia Gangs News
13:15 PM - 29 June 2016

Now you can check 🏆 Top players those are the same level as you - send /top to game @mafiagangsbot or choose Menu > Top to see the list!