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20:06 PM - 14 August 2016

Happy Birthday Telegram! 3 years commemorative fan-made video

Made by: Pavel Durov facebook group (non official)

Telegram Geeks
19:04 PM - 14 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
16:27 PM - 14 August 2016

💡 How old is Telegram?

Telegram for iOS was launched on August 14, 2013. The alpha version of Telegram for Android officially launched on October 20, 2013. More and more Telegram clients appear, built by independent developers using Telegram's open platform.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel

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16:24 PM - 14 August 2016

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12:22 PM - 11 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
17:50 PM - 08 August 2016

Pavel Durov's answer to the vulnerability:

They started talking about it (the vulnerability) recently after being quiet for some time, but couldn't show any proofs or something that confirms vulnerability.

There has always been server restriction for sent messages. Their outcoming message looked big only because their client app showed it that way. If you look at it in another app, both sender and recipient will see this message cut.

They though that they were sending megabytes.
When in reality they found a way to send 35 KB instead of 16 KB which didn't affect anything. (You cannot really overload anything this way).

Our two cents: Seems that Sad Ghaf Security Team never sent more proofs to Telegram. We tried to reach them via Telegram but we got no answer...

🇷🇺 Answer in russian (from
🌐 Google Translate version

Telegram Geeks
13:12 PM - 08 August 2016


▶️ Security researchers have found a vulnerability that could allow attackers to send massive messages on Telegram bypassing its limitations.

Due to a programming error, a sender can gain control of the size of messages and send them with arbitrary length: Ghaf and his fellow researchers were able to send a message with 30000 bytes, exceeding the 4096 byte limit, and another which was empty breaching the one byte minimum.

You can see the Proof of Concept messages at @poc_sadghaf channel: That includes the 30000 bytes long text message and a second one empty.

🎥 Youtube: Proof of Concept
💡 Original Source: Sad Ghaf Security Team

#security #telegram #researchers #vulnerability

ℹ️ @geeksChannel

Telegram Geeks
12:16 PM - 05 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
12:16 PM - 05 August 2016

Here you can take a look to the TOP channels:

📊 Global TOP Channels list
🇬🇧 TOP 100 English channels
🇪🇸 TOP 100 Spanish channels
🇮🇹 TOP 100 Italian channels
🇩🇪 TOP 100 German channels
🇷🇺 TOP 100 Russian channels

@geeksChannel is the 31st channel of the English TOP, awesome!

Telegram Geeks
12:15 PM - 05 August 2016

🚀 Today we would like to show you An automatical Telegram channels database with accurated TOP channels lists.

TgChans has been developed by Roman, a php-coder and telegram-user from Russia/Moscow.

How it works? TgChans engine search @usernames in channel posts and joins the new channels to search for more @usernames (like googlebot crawler). They also detect channels post language with YandexTranslatorAPI.

They got 35.000 channels in the database and every day they add 500-1000 new channels.

The channels stats (members, description, title, photo) are updated every 1-5 days.

ℹ️ More info @tgchanscom |

Telegram Geeks
12:38 PM - 04 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
21:01 PM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
20:58 PM - 03 August 2016

🔥 Official patch notes - version 3.11:

- Trending stickers. Check out and install noteworthy sticker packs from the new tab in Settings.
- Archived stickers. Unused stickers are now archived automatically when you go over the 200 limit.
- Group previews. Preview groups before joining them via invite link – see who else is in the group before joining.
- Personal storage. Keep messages, media and any other stuff in the new storage chat with yourself, accessible through the redesigned contacts screen.
- New improved camera interface (4.1.+).
- Preview bot content before sending (4.1.+).
- Download large media and files 2-4x times faster.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel

Telegram Geeks
20:49 PM - 03 August 2016

Telegram 3.11 - New features:

✳️ Trending Stickers
✳️ Personal storage (cloud)
✳️ Group Previews
✳️ Android Camera

Official announcement at Telegram Blog

Telegram Geeks
11:47 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
11:32 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
11:26 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
10:49 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
10:49 AM - 03 August 2016

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10:47 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
10:45 AM - 03 August 2016

Telegram Geeks
21:38 PM - 02 August 2016

Some media reported on a “massive” hacker attack on Telegram in Iran. Here's what really happened:

Telegram Geeks
12:37 PM - 29 July 2016


Russia now collecting encryption keys to decode information from Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram

The notice on the FSB website simply declares that in order to ensure public safety and protect against terrorism, the FSB has found a "procedure of providing the FSB with a method necessary for decoding all received, sent, delivered, and chat conversations between users on messaging networks" and that this method had been sent to the Ministry of Justice to approve and make provisions to amend federal law.

So we have no idea how the FSB will be able to gain backdoor access to internet companies without their permission, which would surely be illegal in the companies' countries of origin, which are certainly not Russia. What is interesting is that the Daily Dot reports that the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber have not commented at all on the new law.

Full article at

#russia #privacy #encryption

ℹ️ @geeksChannel

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18:49 PM - 25 July 2016

Telegram Geeks
18:49 PM - 25 July 2016

Telegram Geeks
18:49 PM - 25 July 2016

Telegram Geeks
12:14 PM - 21 June 2016

Telegram Geeks
11:39 AM - 21 June 2016

Plus Messenger client updated to version

- Added Plus option to show tabs on bottom instead of on top in main screen
- Added Plus option to hide selected tab indicator
- Added option to change tabs background color
- Added option to copy link in public supergroups
- Added option to change selected message background color in chat screen

Telegram Geeks
11:34 AM - 21 June 2016

Telegram Geeks
11:33 AM - 21 June 2016